Data Experts as an authorized service partner offers a full range of services and technical support for solutions in the field of Storage & Servers and artificial intelligence.

The customer can access technical support at any time by telephone, e-mail or via the website. We prioritize incidents of key importance for the enterprise, which allows for immediate reaction in the most dangerous situations and prevents loss of continuity in access to key services.

Storage & Servers

  • Design and dimensioning of environments
  • Installation and configuration
  • Implementation of metro Active-Active clusters
  • Data migration
  • Virtualization of disk arrays resources
  • Support and training services
  • Audit of environments


  • Design and dimensioning of SAP environments
  • Installation and configuration ERP (SoH/S4H) and data warehouse (BW4H)
  • Migration of systems to SAP S/4 HANA (DMO, conversion)
  • Backups
  • Maintenance and administration services
  • Audit of environments

LAN/MAN Network

  • Network design: from physical connections to layer #2 and #3
  • Microsegmentation, i.e. the separation of subnets for individual roles
  • Dimensioning and implementation of UTMs
  • Deployment of network access policies (from 802.1x to ACL between networks)
  • Designing WiFi networks (roaming, mesh)
  • Deployment of SD-WANs
  • Network audit
  • Support and training services


  • Design and dimensioning of environments
  • Deploying and clustering services
  • Migration from physical to virtual servers
  • Migration from other virtualization systems
  • Disk resource virtualization
  • Support and training services
  • Environmental audit
  • Updating environments


  • Designing Active Directory environments
  • Designing security based on Active Directory
  • Implementation of Active Directory (and side services)
  • Systems migration
  • Support and training services
  • Audit of Active Directory environments
  • Update of Active Directory environments


  • Designing systems
  • Implementation of services (e.g. LAMP servers)
  • Securing services, also with Active Directory policies
  • Migration of services from Windows to Linux
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of Open Source solutions in the area of: backup and archiving, virtualization, monitoring of IT environments
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